To complete its offering focused on the unification of body and mind, Zencas now offers yoga classes at its La Prairie branch. Two personalized packages are available to you:

Private sessions allow you to target your own goals and experience a moment perfectly suited to your needs. They are planned according to your schedule and your desires with Gorendezvous.

Period of 60 minutes : $85
Period of 90 minutes : $117

Semi-private sessions have a maximum of 3 people. In addition to offering you personalized support, they allow you to experience your practice in a group. For this formula, classes can be scheduled at your convenience by contacting us. Ideal for family and friends who want to do an activity together.

Duo session: $45/person
Trio session: $35/person

Types of yoga available

Restorative Yoga

Typically, mellow and low energy, making it a friendly beginner class and great complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress. Stillness is a powerful practice. This type of yoga increases relaxation for a deeper sleep and improves overall well-being.

Stretching Flow

This class begins with a mindful meditation or visualization. This allows you to relax and create physical and mental space. A gentle and slow experience, so necessary in our fast-paced society. It will help you find more flexibility and fluidity in your movements through dynamic stretches and mobility exercises.

Yin & Yang Yoga

A fusion of active and passive movements to fully awaken the body and let our energy flow. Emphasizing muscular engagement followed by a gentler part of deep stretching.

Yin & Yang Yoga

A slow flow with sometimes longer posture holds to understand the relationship between alignment and grounding, which find their complementarity in the deepening of the breath. Through yoga postures and simple breathing exercises, we guide the body to open up and let the energy flow freely in mind, body and soul. This class is perfect for beginners in yoga who wish to gently familiarize themselves with the sequences of asanas and learn various breathing techniques.

Chair Yoga

Whether due to illness, recent surgery, disability, or restricted mobility with age. Working at a desk all day or just being short of determination to exercise, this practice is primarily done on a chair. This practice improves flexibility, mobility and muscle toning. Bringing balance and bodily stability through gentle and simple exercises.

Postnatal Yoga with baby

For moms or dads who wish to take care of themselves while involving their baby. This class will allow you to not cancel your exercise routine and provide you with a special moment to connect with your baby. The postures in this class will respect the limits of your body while working on muscle tone, emotional balance and mental well-being while stimulating your baby’s sensations.

Postnatal Yoga without baby

Postnatal yoga is a practice specially designed for women after childbirth. This is tailored to meet the specific needs of the body after pregnancy and to help new mothers regain their physical strength and emotional balance.

Tai Chi Yoga

The art of transitioning from one movement to another slowly and gracefully. Every movement can be meditative. Tai Chi yoga combines the gentleness of yoga and Tai Chi and is great for all, from beginners to advance. No matter what age or body type, people can achieve a healing effect from this practice.

Initiation Yoga

This introductory course is recommended for those looking to get started with yoga and build a strong foundation. Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to revisit the basics to deepen your awareness of your body, this course is for you. After 8 weeks, you will gradually learn the basic yoga poses that strengthen and harmonize various systems of the body (muscular, nervous, organic, endocrine, and immune). Breathing technique, methods to relax the body and mind, as well as reduce stress, are taught to help you experience the full benefits of yoga. Welcome to all!